The Wire

The rest of this list is in no order, but The Wire was added first for a reason.

Game of Thrones

Groundbreaking high-budget HBO + the amazing world building skills of George RR Martin = good.

Fargo (Season 1 and 2)

Some of the best writing on TV in the last 20 years. The first two seasons each represent television at its peak.

Stranger Things

Who doesn’t love a good “sci-fi town” story? Horror, comedy, drama, all in one.


Basically The Wire if it were filmed in Napoli, Italy.

Breaking Bad

By far one of the most amazing character arc’s in the history of television. Worth every episode.

True Detective (Season 1)

Another example of television at its peak. Great writers, a dramatic setting, and the perfect blend of crime and modern surreallism.

Rick and Morty